Spanish courses in Malaga

ELE – Spanish Course for Teachers

This Spanish ELE course for teachers in Malaga which is organized by OnSpain School is a practical work tool for teachers of the Spanish language. Its objectives are to inform you about new teaching materials and to give teachers helpful advises for the Spanish class.

It focuses on different aspects of the Spanish language and helps with grammatical, conversational and technical tools in order to support the (future) teachers to enhance different skills in Spanish. Always from a practical point of view.

Furthermore we aim to share ideas with professionals and exchange experiences. We would like to create an international association of teachers.

ELE - Price List
1 Week€200
2 Weeks€400
General information ELE course
Dates for upcoming periode:

July 2017

First week (03 – 07 July): Content aligned to teaching of beginners 

Second week (10 – 14 July): Content aligned to teaching of advanced teachers

Content ELE course at OnSpain School:

Part I from 9:30 to 11:00: In this part we will introduce grammatical topics and learn how to introduce them into the Spanish class. Of course we all know what a “conditional phrase” is, but do we also know how to teach it to students? Do we know which conversational activities to use in which content?

Part II from 11:30 to 13:30: In this part we will give workshops related to different aspects of the teaching – learning of the Spanish language, giving you important knowledge about how to organize a successful class and about how to prepare your own teaching material.


Summary: presentations, exchange of ideas and materials, role-playing, discussions, exercises and networking role.
The minimum number of people per group is 3 and the maximum is 15. Participants from the same country will be mixed, as far as possible, to prevent them from communicating with each other in the same language.


Before the start of the course, participants receive a copy of the programme, a level test and a survey to indicate their areas of interest to focus on the content of the material provided during the course. Blog access, where all the information about the teaching programme communicates, tutors / teachers and the material is also provided. After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate.

The minimum language level to participate is B1.

Presentation of 4 orators
Teresa Gómez Director & Academic Coordinator at OnSpain
Teresa Gómez
BA in Hispanic Studies and Director and Academic Coordinator at OnSpain

Since I started to organize courses for teachers (in 2002), for both, internal and external, Spanish and international, I’ve realized what teachers are expecting of such a course: They want that we provide the methods and tools which help them to carry out their classes. 

For this reason, this course has very practical purposes. Our goal is that all participants are able to stand in front of a group of students with the confidence that they have all the tools necessary for a successful class. In the agenda we designed, we will discuss the most common grammatical topics, perhaps the most problematic to explain. In this context we will realize workshops, with an absolutely practical orientation.

The class will be taught by a team of teachers who have an extensive background in the world of Spanish

Amaya Camarero Rojo
University degree in “Technical Architecture” & “Teacher Training: Secondary and Upper Secondary Education”

I was born in Burgos, Northern Spain, but have been living in Malaga for several years now. My interest in learning languages led me to combine my first profession – I finished my studies in “Technical Architecture” in 2002 – and my second profession “Teaching Spanish to foreigners” in different countries such as Ireland and New Zealand, where I lived for a while.

Upon returning to Spain, I was decided to turn teaching Spanish into my definitive profession, so I did a University Master’s degree in “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language” and a University Master’s Degree in “Teacher Training: Secondary and Upper Secondary Education”, both at the University of Malaga.  

In addition to that, I attended several courses and congresses related to Teaching Spanish (ELE) with different institutions. Furthermore, I am officially accredited as an examiner of DELE (Spanish Official Examinations of the Instituto Cervantes) in the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

With more than one thousand hours of experience in teaching Spanish in different local and multinational academies, in bilingual high schools in Spain and in the “Centre of teaching Spanish to foreigners” of the University of Malaga, I have decided to exclusively work in the education sector. At present, I am a part of the OnSpain team, where I dedicate myself to both, teaching and elaborating didactic material.

I consider this language course for Spanish teachers essential to increase the range of tools in the classroom. I myself continue attending congresses, seminars and courses whenever I have the opportunity, as we never finish learning!  Taking part in this course means to me the pleasure of offering to the assistants not only my instruction tools in this field, but also sharing the experience I gained during my working life. I wish this course to be a great and advantageous experience.

Amaya Camarero Rojo Spanish Teacher at OnSpain
Pedro Sánchez­ Ávila
Degree in Geography and History with a speciality in Contemporary History

My name is Pedro. Currently, I am a Spanish professor for foreigners in the OnSpain school. It has been many years since I have been introduced to the world of teaching. I have started as an assistant teacher for English and literature in different public schools. In order to expand my possibilities, I have done a course for Spanish teachers (ELE).

I have started my professional journey as a teacher in a teaching center where I have also done my course. As time has passed, I have improved my work and started to collect teaching materials for the school, linguistic texts, training courses and various school activities and excursions. After all, I ended up as a coordinator, being responsible for various activities.

The course for teachers (ELE) has helped me to have a different perception of things. This kind of student has different needs as a regular student and teachers have to recognize those, see their mistakes and instantly regulate them. As I mentioned before, this kind of course for teachers seems to me as necessary for those who wants to dedicate their life to teaching. It results in a steady professional as well as personal growth, you can never learn enough. It is a constant movement.

Francisco Joaquín García Morales
Telecommunications Engineer

I started teaching at the Escuela Técnica as a lab instructor during my studies and once I finished Imy studies, I started to teach courses within the course programme of the FGUMA (Fundación General Universidad de Málaga) and giving talks in the Master of Acoustics in the same school. Since then I have always been involved in teaching regarding new technologies in both, the University and the private sector.

Three years ago I had my first contact with the teaching of Spanish to foreigners developing cultural excursions and taking care of issues related to technology and multimedia.

My task within the course for Spanish teachers is to provide all the technological tools that a Spanish teacher may need to develop their work optimally. The course is a door to a different world of work, with a very good atmosphere and a continuously growing demand.

Francisco Joaquín García Morales (Curro)