Intensive Spanish Course in Malaga 

The intensive Spanish course in malaga at onspain school  consists of 20 hours per week. After taking a written and oral level test, you will be placed in one of the levels we provide you. In this way you will not be placed in a level that is too difficult or too easy for you.

This course is offered the whole year long, with an average number of 8 students per group. The groups and atmosphere are multicultural, as we have students from all over the world attending our classes.

The school days are divided into 2 sessions. Each session takes 1 hour and 50 minutes with a break of 20 minutes in between. During this break you will have the opportunity to put the Spanish you have learnt so far into practice.

Listed below are the details about the Intensive Spanish course provided by OnSpain School:

  • Lessons per week— 4 Intensive lessons per day
  • Course Duration — from 1 to 52 weeks
  • Class duration — 55 minutes
  • Hours of the Classes: Mornings or afternoons
  • Maximum Students per Class: 10 students
  • Average Students per Class: 8 students
  • Available Levels — Basic (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2), Advanced( C1, C2)
  • Age Range: Minimum 14 years old

Prices exclude: grammar book (25€) and enrollment fee (40€)


Intensive Spanish course - Short Term
1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks4 Weeks 5 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks8 Weeks
+ Extra week
Intensive Spanish course - Long Term
12 Weeks16 Weeks20 Weeks24 Weeks28 Weeks32 Weeks36 Weeks+ Extra Week
€1.575 €2.055 €2.535 €3.015 €3.495 €3.975 €4.455 €120

Starting Dates


Every Monday (except Bank holidays, in this case classes take place on the next working day)
For the level A1 the course starts every first Monday of the month (except Bank holidays)

  • Note: The minimum number of students to form a group for the intensive Spanish course at the same level is 3 students. In case the minimum amount of students is less, OnSpain offers alternatives.