Spanish courses in Malaga

Business Spanish for Professionals

If you need Spanish in your daily professional life, we can adapt to these needs regardless of your professional field.

You can combine the intensive Spanish course with 5 one-to-one hours per week focusing exclusively on your profession. During the mornings you will attend intensive Spanish classes according to your level and in the afternoons you will concentrate on the necessary vocabulary and structures related to your professional life.

The course consists of an intensive Spanish course of 20 hours per week and an additional 5 hours per week of private lessons in the morning/ afternoon with professional personalized contents.

This course is given from Monday to Friday all year long. The groups consist of a maximum of 8 students.

Business Spanish - Short term
Number of weeksPrices
1 week€284
2 weeks€568
3 weeks€809
4 weeks€1,034
5 weeks€1,290
6 weeks€1,548
7 weeks€1,806

Prices exclude: grammar book (25€) and enrollment fee (45€)

Business Spanish - Long term
Number of weeksPrices
8 Weeks€2,064
9 Weeks€2,322
10 Weeks€2,580
11 Weeks€2,838
Extra Week€242
24 Weeks€5,453
36 Weeks€7,668

The following list shows the general information about the Business Spanish course provided by OnSpain School:

  • Level: B2
  • Starting Dates: Every Monday (except Bank Holidays, where classes will take place on the next working day). For levels A1 and A2 the beginning is every first Monday of the month (except Bank Holidays).
  •  Course duration: minimum 2 weeks.
  • Class duration: 55 minutes
  • Lessons:Intensive lessons per day + 5 hours per week.

It is specifically designed for professionals or business people who wish to focus on and improve Spanish for their career in this field. In this course, we integrate all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

The content of this course is orientated at the test for the official certificate of “Spanish for Business” conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga.

The course consists of two parts

  • The first part is about applied Spanish grammar
  • In the second part the business-related subjects, the world of business and the acquisition of vocabulary are deepened