Social Projects
OnSpain chalk board

We are involved in several social projects. Since OnSpain is a school, we find it important to be involved in a social project related to children. Therefore, one of our projects is to fight for a good childhood.

Social project Futura-e

A project focused on the education and training of children in the marginalized neighbourhood of Lagunillas in Malaga, in order to prevent the contact with delinquency and drugs so prevalent in that area.

OnSpain donates an annual amount for a group of professors and instructors who encourage the teenagers´ personal development using creativity, teamwork and initiative. To make these activities possible, school supplies and computers are necessary.

Almijara Foundation

Since many of our students come from abroad, we find it important to fight for the sustainability too. Therefore, one of our social projects is about the sustainability of tourism.

Social project onspain school

Thanks to the projects of the “Almijara Foundation”, OnSpain is sponsoring 70 trees in the Natural Park of the “Lagunas de Guadalhorce”, Málaga.

Every 21st November, all employees and students of the school are invited to a day of reforestation and environmental education. So, thanks to the work and effort of all, we sow trees and create a greener future.

In our school we are aware that with our acts we ALL issue CO2 and are contributing to climate change. We should ALL sponsor trees to stop it. For more information, visit the website:

Colegio Ave María

Furthermore, education is one of the most important aspects at OnSpain School, therefore we also have a social project where we fight for a better education.

Social Project Escuela Ave María

Each year, OnSpain pays the university inscription fee for one high school student with good grades and little economic resources.

We hope that these students have the opportunity to continue working hard on their careers.

But this simple action is not enough for us. We also take care of coordinating actions of cultural and linguistic exchange between the Colegio Ave Maria and foreign students of our OnSpain School. During the last years, we have managed to mix Spanish students with groups of Canadians, Brits and Americans. Thus both, our students and those of the Colegio Ave Maria have been able to benefit. For more information about this school:

Promotion 3x3 and Walk Spain

OnSpain fights for sports in our community and therefore supports the El Palo Peak Team, the members of the spanish basketball team 3×3 and companies with excellent ideas like Walk Spain

El Palo Peak Team basketball 3x3

Maybe a large part did not know about this fact, but the district El Palo, our well-known fishing village is a world power in the following aspect: Basketball 3×3.

 The Spanish team is completely represented by four team members who are related to our district and OnSpain is a sponsor of the team.

Next to the commitment for sports and a healthy lifestyle, OnSpain is also supporting enterprising ideas like Walk Spain. A platform which allows you to record your step which you are doing on a daily basis. The whole OnSpain team is part of it and competes against each other every day. This way sitting many hours in front of the computer is not big deal

Did You Know
  • that all our students are staying in host families in walking distance of the school and this way do not have to use public transportation? This means less pollution.
  • that OnSpain supports the local economy? We like small bars/restaurants/shops and preferes businesses made in Spain.
  • that we have a database where we store CVs? With our vast network, we try to connect with befriended companies to find work for jobless people.