The management of ONSPAIN LANGUAGES and SERVICES, S.L.U., strives to achieve a greater QUALITY in its services as well as a greater care towards the ENVIRONMENT that surrounds us, has implanted and certified in its organization, an Integrated Management System of Quality and Environment based on the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004.
This Politics is at the disposal of the public and provides the frame to establish and to check the fulfillment of the following maxims:

  • To assure the satisfaction of our clients basing on an always correct dealing and on an effort to improve the procedures of our services.
  • To offer a service that adapts itself to the legal requisites, to the quality fees demanded by the international formative sector and other requisites, guaranteeing the continuous progress of the Integrated System of Management.
  • To evaluate for anticipated potential aftereffects in the Environment of all the new activities, products and processes.
  • To implant measurements, to diminish the impact of those significant environmental aspects of our activities, to avoid the contamination, to minimize the resources consumption, and to encourage the efficiency and energy saving in the facilities and during the cultural activities.
  • To form and to sensitize the whole staff, teachers,and families, making them a participant of our politics so that they collaborate actively in this cause.
  • To maintain permanent contacts with the clients and providers, in order to be able to collaborate jointly in the progress of the quality of the service, protecting simultaneously the ambience that surrounds us.
  • To imply, to motivate and to compromise to our human team in order to look for its participation in the management, development and application of the quality System and well-established Environment, to achieve the quality levels needed by the client.
    To establish and to check the targets of the company, on the subject of quality and environment, so that it affects in an active way the progress of the offered services and is coherent with this Politics.

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