Festival Flecos Granada

The Spanish teacher Amaya Camarero tells us her experience of FLECOS



Last days, 1, 2 and 3 April I was the lucky one visiting the second edition of the Flecos Festival as a representative of OnSpain, in the beautiful city Granada, a meeting of professionals teaching Spanish. A couple of days filled with workshops, culture and leisure. This edition United Kingdom was guest country.

OnSpain wanted to be present in the programme with a workshop called “The “Erroures” Spanish students speaking English.”

While the Saturday morning had simultaneously workshops and activities as many others, ours had a good reception. Among the many attendees with whom I spoke had Spanish teachers from our country and abroad, both schools and universities, future teachers and students of all nationalities.

I would like to highlight the enormous participation on all levels, since it was a highly interactive, visual and enriching workshop for all.
Flecos OnSpain School

The three days were excellent, with a programme started at 9 in the morning and finished in the afternoon.

In addition, there were very interesting conferences, lectures and panel discussions, gathered by illustrious personalities such as José Manuel Blecua, academic of the RAE, and other institutions as the Cervantes Institution, universities of United Kingdom, United States and our country.


For our school it was a doubly rewarding appointment: besides being in the programme and achieve good reception, our director was part of the retinue of the presentation of the festival, because this year we have the honour of chairing the Association of Spanish Schools in Andalusia (AEEA) logically developed a very important role in this conference.
Festival linguistico Flecos GranadaCultural activities of the organization were one of the things I wanted to emphasize this year. I could enjoy a variety of shows of great quality, concerts, flamenco shows and the best activity, a night visit to The Alhambra, which was fascinating.


In conclusion, three incredible days where I have learned, enjoyed and in addition I was able to provide an image of our professional school. In special, I would like to thank not only the organization, but also all the people I met during the activities and those who decided to attend my workshop and made this a very special moment.


Amaya Camarero


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