Erasmus + programme

Since 2014 OnSpain welcomes groups of students and adults who are taking part in the Erasmus+ programme.

If you are a teacher, a student of any centre or a worker in any institution related with education abroad, do not miss this opportunity.

Beatrice Mars

Spanish Teacher at Lycee du Golf, France

“This is the third year I have the chance to travel to Spain, at OnSpain, with my group of students, thanks to the Erasmus+ programme. The experience is wonderful and my students are really grateful for this opportunity. I can’t think of any better organization than OnSpain to develop this project. I am very happy.”

Important documents for the submission of your request for the Erasmus+ scholarship:


If you are asking for a subvention to travel with your school-group, download here our one-week programme for groups of students

Spanish teachers

If you are a Spanish teacher and would like to take our ELE course for teachers of Spanish, click here to know dates and prices

Complete the project

To complete the project you will need our information as partner institution in Spain. Click here to download the document with all the details you will need on OnSpain school.

Moreover, you can use any information you find in our webpage to complete your application.

Top 6 tips to fill in the Erasmus + project form
  • Look up in the list we provide the national Erasmus+ agency of your country
  • Download from the web page of your country’s agency the commented pdf to complete the request.
  • Before completing and preparing your project, pay attention to all the parts and spaces you will need to fill in. The agencies give marks and results based on whether they learn what they need to know. Follow strictly the instructions of the commented pdf and answer the suggested questions.
  • You can take old Erasmus + accepted projects as an example. Do not copy the texts though, you will be penalized
  • For any doubt concerning the programme or the international experience, do not hesitate to contact OnSpain school!
  • If you have doubts concerning the submission process, how to obtain the PIC number or any technical problem, contact your national agency. contacta con tu agencia nacional. They are the ones who select or not your project and you should be in touch with them