Foto Curro Morales

Curro Garcia

Student Care Team


Hi! I’m from the neighbourhood “El Palo”, in the east of Malaga and close to the neighbourhood “Pedregalejo”, where I feel most at home.

The beaches, climate, leisure and especially the people make it the perfect way to learn Spanish, enjoy and of course to live. I’m Technical Engineer in Telecommunications, specialized in Sound and Vision.

By chance I met the world of Spanish schools and caught me immediately

I’m very dynamic and active, and with this job, I’m allowed to do many different things, such as travelling and I have contact with a lot of people of different nationalities, which I like a lot. I also teach the Master of Acoustics at the University of Malaga, one of my passions the college of Telecommunications. I’m a soundman, I make audio and video recordings and on top of that I play guitar in a rock band. You can’t stop me!