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Holaa! I am Ana and I am not just a Malagena, but it feels like I have roots everywhere. I lived outside of Malaga for a long time (in other parts of Spain, in Sweden, Portugal and Italy), but there was always something that kept bringing me back.

In my free time I like taking pictures, going for walks, drinking beer and talking to my friends, playing some instruments (although not that well), spending time with my family and doing a small art project every now and then.

These experiences away from home made me grow up, and therefore I now feel like a more complete person. But what, without doubt, has changed my life, was the year I volunteered in Portugal, where I learned that not everything is about work and money but that the most important thing is to know what it is you really do and to give back to the world from time to time.

I love learning new things and I always have my head full of a thousand plans and ideas I love turning into reality.

I am part of the OnSpain marketing team, creating ideas for which I love doing what I do.

I´m always happy to help wherever I can so don´t be shy to ask for me
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