Malaga Musulmana
Malaga city tour with OnSpain School

The buildings of the historic city centre are full of history. They let you imagine what life was like back in the day. You can also discover the footprint of Pablo Picasso, a Malaga native. Its museums, monuments and beaches make the city a favourite destination for millions of people who come to enjoy the beauty of Malaga.

Program information

  • When: Depends on the programme group, between 16: 00/16: 30
  • Where: OnSpain School  School or the City of Malaga
  • Who: Everyone who’s interested in the Spanish culture
  • What: Guided visits to cultural and historical places
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 10€

Additional tour visits

  • Visit the Cathedral known as the “Manquita”
  • Visit to Gibralfaro
  • Boat trip in the Bay of Malaga

Locations and tickets include: the Alcazaba, the Roman Theater, the birthplace of Picasso, the outside of the Cathedral and historic center of Malaga.The public transportation costs are included in the activity. 

On Spain

A daily program, Monday to Friday, of free cultural afternoon/evening activities.

A great opportunity to learn more while sharing the soul of Malaga with your companions and teachers the soul of Malaga. Learn and enjoy!