Excursion to Cordoba from Malaga

Once you have crossed the bridge, you will walk through the bridge’s huge arc which marks the city’s entrance. You will first visit the Alcazar of the Christian kings with its and all its beautiful gardens and fountains, its living room full of mosaics, its patios and its reception room. You will be able to enjoy the incredible view of the city and the gardens from the top of the Alcazar’s. You will then stride along the small and narrow streets of Córdoba  in order to savour Spanish specialities and buy souvenirs of all kinds. You will end the visit with the discovery of the famous Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. 

Program Information

  • Where: c/ Gabriel y Galán (nearby OnSpain School)
  • When: departure is at 08:00 and we’ll come back around 20:00
  • Who: Everyone that loves Spain
  • What: Excursion to Cordoba
  • Duration: The whole day!
  • Price: From 28€

Sights to visit

  • The Roman bridge
  • The Guadalquivir
  • The Bridge’s arc
  • The Alcazar of the Christian kings
  • The Mosque-Cathedral

For more information about this excursion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to answer your questions.